Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hank Moorehouse - An early inspiration

Well, it has been a busy month or so.  I have been busy working on some research for a possible book project.

I attended and displayed at the annual Knights of Sleights Flea Market the night before the Magic Collectors Convention. Mike Caveney, John Carney, Harry Monti, Marshall Brodien, David Parr, Hank Moorehouse and many others attended the flea market. It was a lot of fun and I sold some of my “excess” props and books. It is a perfect time for Spring cleaning the magic room!

Hank Moorehouse has been a friend of mine since I was in the sixth grade. He came to my school to do a magic show. The principal knew I was a magician and offered my services. I helped Hank carry his props and set up. His show was great and I will never forget his kindness and generosity. About all I can remember was a burnt bill routine and an escape from a stock. I think it was Abbott's version. I do recall he gave me a few tricks after the show. We have kept in touch ever since that day.

After seeing Hank's show I knew I wanted to be a magician. Looking back I really appreciate the time he took out to be with me that day and how he has always been willing to answer my questions.

Never dismiss or ignore a child who has an interest in the art. They may actually turn out to be a dedicated student and a life-long practitioner.

Hank, thanks for the all the fond memories and taking the time to share a little magic with a sixth grader.

Visit for more info on Hank Moorehouse.