Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paul Rosini - A Hidden Gem

In 1999 I wrote and published House of Cards - The Life and Magic of Paul Rosini. I was always a fan of Rosini, but there wasn't much information available. So, I decided to write a book on the great magician. Rosini was wonderful (in my opinion) and he had a style all his own. His magic had a great effect on his audience.

During the course of writing the book, I uncovered a lot of new information on Rosini. I love to do research. You never know what you will find. Just when you think you've found it all, something new turns up.

I recently purchased this photo of Paul Rosini. It really shows his personality. I was happy to find it since I had never seen it before.

So, go out and search for something new -- an idea, information, etc. You never know what you'll find!
Until next time...