Saturday, January 24, 2015

Expert at the Card Table is here!

New and In Stock!
The Expert at the Card Table - HARDCOVER (2015)
I am pleased to announce the publication of a new, hardcover version of The Expert at the Card Table.

This is not a print-on-demand or scanned copy. The classic text has been completely re-typeset, and the original artwork has been cleaned and enhanced. No attempts at editing Erdnase's words or changing the book's layout have been made in order to retain the book's charm. Of course, it is bound in the well-known green cloth of the original. It can only be described as a "classic" reproduction of this classic.

Price - $50.00 POSTPAID (US CUSTOMERS ONLY) But your copy here

INTERNATIONAL customers order your copy exclusively at H&R Magic Books.

ERDNASE BIBLE (Ltd. Edition of 50)
Since Erdnase's work is considered the "bible" to many, I have bound 50 copies in a black cloth cover with "The Cardman's BIBLE" elegantly stamped in gold on the cover and spine. Each book has a red ribbon bookmark and is embossed on the end paper with a seal stating the number of the copy. This is a strictly limited edition of 50 copies. Once these are gone there will be no more - EVER.

Price - $110.00 POSTPAID U.S customers only and only available here.

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  1. I am that visitor from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. As a very pleased owner of your edition of "Expert", I shall just say "thankyou" - who needs a first edition when they have that? Peter Zenner